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Bullies, not just in the playground.



“A bully is someone who is regularly overbearing. He or she looks to cause humiliation or discomfort to another, particularly if that other is weaker or smaller. This can be physical bullying, emotional bullying or mental discomfort and humiliation. It is important to understand that bullying goes beyond physical intimidation. Many people don’t realize that emotional and mental bullying can have just as many long lasting effects as physical bullying – even though the effects are of different kinds. The effects from bullying parents are no less severe.”

It seams odd, to any reasonable human being that an adult can pick on a child let alone their own child. Unfortunately it happens and more often that we give thought to. Being a parent is a blessing, not a right. As a parent it is your job to protect your child, educate and hopefully send them out into the world as a balanced functioning adult. It is not your right as a parent to belittle your child, intimidate, manipulate and humiliate them. Children are not an accessory, they are not to be taken for granted. Picking on anyone is a reflection of incredibly poor character, picking on a child is unforgivable. Physical abuse may not be involved, however emotional and mental abuse as said above is just as damaging.

It seems in the courts here in Australia that there is very little regard for emotional and mental abuse. That if there is no police record, nothing can be done. The courts seemingly care  little “about the children” and more about balanced and equal time between parents. This is all well and good when both parents have their best children’s interest at heart. Parents who despite their differences can see that the welfare of their children is paramount. What about those minorities who can not be a responsible parent, those parents who do not pay any child support to punish their ex partner, who bully and manipulate for their own gain? There does not seem to be an answer.

For those of us on the side lines watching those we love be continually harassed to breaking point all we can do is continue to love them. Continue to be there no matter the time of day.