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IMG_4487The female image

For many years, like most women I struggled with my body image. As a young girl I was told by many boys that I liked that if I hit puberty that they might just go out with me. I never had the fuller figure that I wanted. I was pretty much always skinny with very little shape. For years I felt insecure and that I did not measure up to other women. Images of scantily clad, fuller curved women looking “sexy” haunted me. I would get knots in my stomach passing magazine stands, looking at women on TV… I really felt inferior. It was not until I met my now husband who has only ever made me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in world that this began to change. Now…… as a more mature woman, amazing husband, brilliant kids and a passion for keeping fit that I am happy in my skin. I do not feel like I need to measure up to anyones standard of what a woman should look like.  I take my hat off to Olive Bowers at 13 she has more confidence in who she is and is willing to fight for it. What an incredible young woman Olive is, her parents must be so incredibly proud. I hope Tracks magazine take note. 🙂


Summers Coming!




Summer is almost here… that dread of having to go to the beach and wear shorts!!

So what are you going to do about it? Sitting in front of your computer, watching the TV  on the couch is not going to get you the confidence to loose those couple of kilo’s. Above is another great shot for you to print out and stick on the fridge.

Tips to accompany this shot:

1) Make healthy choices – Pack snacks to go with you and you’ll be less likely to be tempted to buy some high calorie snack.

2) Think more positively about yourself, give yourself positive affirmations. Feeling confident about yourself makes an amazing difference to how you look. Hold your head high, shoulders back, smile on your face. People will tell you, you look fabulous. Sticking to your healthy eating will be so much easier!

3) Don’t think of it as DIETING! Think of it as healthy living. The word diet puts everyone off. Give yourself one day a week as a cheat day. Don’t go crazy!! Put your smaller portioned meals on a smaller dinner plates. It will trick your mind into thinking you’re eating the same amount.

4) Stop making excuses. There is no magic pill, no one else can do this for you except you. YES it will be hard, but when you get there it will be so rewarding!

5) Make your goals realistic. If you set unattainable goals you will give up. Make them simple and achievable you will get there!