Exercise and Eating the Right Foods


In a carbohydrate rich society, we are making the wrong food choices with a plethora  of food at our finger tips. In our busy lifestyle, convenience is the major deciding factor in what we eat.  The problem is that our bodies have a limit to what can be broken down before it is stored…. as fat.

We also have grown up with the notion of 3 meals a day, often with a poor breakfast and then a heavy carbohydrate, high glycemic index loaded dinner. We now know that this is all wrong. For our bodies to efficiently burn off our fuel we start our day with low GI carbohydrates and taper them as the day progresses, the best source of low GI carbs in the afternoon and evening are water based fruits like apricots, watermelon, strawberries and blueberries. Then for vegetables there is broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and many more.

Most Australians do not eat enough protein. Protein is vital for tissue repair and growth and maintaining our metabolism. Protein is slower to burn than carbs, fats and alcohol so we feel satisfied for longer with a more efficient fuel source!! Including lean meats, fish, low fat milk and yoghurts are great sources. If you are a vegetarian you may need protein supplements.

For our body to maintain metabolism we need to be having approximately 5 meals a day. Now that does not mean 5 large meals with a full plate!! It means breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The rationale is that to eat, our body is burning energy…. thermogenesis! This makes up to 15% of our daily energy expenditure. We use another 15% in exercise, the other 70% is at rest. If you have 5 meals a day, our body is more consistently burning energy, therefore boosting our metabolism.

Combining great nutrition with exercise we can boost our daily energy expenditure and metabolism to aid with fat loss. We burn 1 calorie / min at rest, when we exercise we can burn 10 calories / min…. therefore in 30 mins of exercise you can burn 300 calories!!  If you combine resistance training in your program with 1 kg of muscle gain we can burn an extra 70 / 120 calories per day!  Both of these programs can be the equivalent of loosing 1 kg of fat.

There is a massive correlation between Coronary Heart Disease with fat bellies! Gentlemen if your waist is greater than 100 cm you are at risk. Ladies if your waist is above 90 cm you are in that category too. To go one step further, we now also use waist hip ratio. For men your WHR needs to be less than less than 90% of the circumference of the hips. For women it needs to be less than 80%.

Nutrition and exercise will help you get well on the way to a healthy body and a Fit Belly!

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