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IMG_4487The female image

For many years, like most women I struggled with my body image. As a young girl I was told by many boys that I liked that if I hit puberty that they might just go out with me. I never had the fuller figure that I wanted. I was pretty much always skinny with very little shape. For years I felt insecure and that I did not measure up to other women. Images of scantily clad, fuller curved women looking “sexy” haunted me. I would get knots in my stomach passing magazine stands, looking at women on TV… I really felt inferior. It was not until I met my now husband who has only ever made me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in world that this began to change. Now…… as a more mature woman, amazing husband, brilliant kids and a passion for keeping fit that I am happy in my skin. I do not feel like I need to measure up to anyones standard of what a woman should look like.  I take my hat off to Olive Bowers at 13 she has more confidence in who she is and is willing to fight for it. What an incredible young woman Olive is, her parents must be so incredibly proud. I hope Tracks magazine take note. 🙂

Love your Sister – Feel your Boobies. Breast Cancer Awareness.


Samuel Johnson is an Australian actor, his younger sister, mother of two Connie his battling cancer. Connie’s first  diagnosis came when she was just 11 years of age. This is Connie’s third battle, unfortunately this time is is terminal. Sam decided to raise awareness and money by riding a unicycle around Australia. This is a whopping 15,000 kms (9321 miles approx) , raising 1.6million. Sam and his sister Connie are an inspiration. 

You can read more of their story here:

Sam and Connie now wish to raise $10 million for Cancer research. Their new campaign is “Feel your Boobies”

On their FB page they have asked for you to take a selfie with a loved one… Feeling your Boobies to raise awareness of the importance of breast self examination. Below are the instructions for your FB, Twitter or Instagram account.


“I put corporate Australia on notice and Money Now came forward with a pledge to pay 2 bucks for each #wegive2bucks selfie. Research costs money and thanks to Money Now, you can contribute without it costing you any money!

1) Post a pic of a loved one supporting you 
2) Like Money Now Official
3) Hashtag ‪#‎wegivetwobucks‬ you can do this on FB, without twitter or instagram)
4) Tag 2 friends
You can post it on you own wall or on the Love Your Sister Timeline”