Positive Attitude



You know them, there is one in every work place, every class room, that negative person who just can not see the brighter side of life. Its draining and sadly as nice as they might be, kind of makes you want to give them a really wide berth.

You wonder why they are so seemingly miserable… they have family, job, health and home.  Their life could DEFINITELY be much worse, they do not see it. I try and get my kids to understand this, its probably falling of deaf ears (until they are a parent and hear themselves repeating my words). They are blessed, they have parents and family who love them, they have a home and food on the table, they are getting and education. That when they are adults, they can be what ever they want to be.

That not having an iPhone is not the end of the world, that not playing computer games all day will not kill them, that it will make them more well rounded social beings. That being able to chat freely face to face is a learned skill and that laughing till your belly hurts and tears are rolling down your face with your closest friend actually in your physical presence is more rewarding than typing OMG LMAO.

So, when you encounter these negative people, what do you do? They will talk you out of fulfilling a dream, they will tell you that you should not go for your goal – “What if you fail?” “How will that make you feel?”

This need to be looked on the complete flip side – what if you don’t try?, How will you ever know? OK, you might not make it this time, but you will learn from failings, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.

I guess your choices are;

Ditch them as a friend (kind of harsh, and maybe a bit extreme)

Depending on your relationship with them, be honest. Tell them that they need to be supportive of you. That if they are a true friend, they will need to be there for you. That if they don’t have anything nice to say, then you would rather that they say nothing at all.

If your friendship is not that close, stay on the lighter side of topics, don’t involve them in what is happening in your life. Keep them as an acquaintance, be polite – just don’t let them into your life.

It is your lived, your destiny, you control it, you decide.


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