Global Obesity – set to soar.


ObesityHealth experts including nutritionists and fitness experts have urged our policy makes globally to sit up and take notice. In Davos there is a world economic forum discussing the problems of today and what action should be taken. Obesity is definitely one of them. Currently there is 1.4 BILLION adults world wide overweight or obese. It is believed in 20 years 50-60% of the worlds population will be obese or overweight. At our current population that would mean over 4 BILLION adults globally will be overweight. I don’t know about you but I think this is terrifying. The ramifications of this is huge!


Effects this will have on us will be:

1. Sky rocketing strain on our health care systems. In Australia our hospitals already are struggling.

2. Dramatically decreasing the life expectancy to over half the population! Currently 2.8 million people die from heart related illnesses every year.

3. 50-60% of the adults are overweight what will their children be like – 80% of obese parents have obese children.


Linda Fried (funny surname given her profession) who is the Dean at Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University said

“If this were an infectious disease we might call it a pandemic. It’s not regional, it’s global, it’s increasing rapidly, it’s continuing to escalate – those are the basic definitions of a pandemic,” she said.

The first step to resolving the crisis, the experts said, is overcoming the instinctive reaction many have to obesity – blaming the obese themselves instead of the conditions around them”

Some of those reasons are:

1. Decreased access to sport – sports fields being removed for development.

2. Linking with above greater urbanisation. Decreasing our communities means we walk less to a neighbour, school, shops. Everything is on line. No need to leave the house at all. you can get your food, clothes, games, movies all at a click of a button.

3. Junk food. Its cheap, its everywhere its easy.

It was shown at this forum that Americans are 32% less active than they were 40 years ago. It is thought that in another 15 or so years this will be about 50% less active. In China, in less than 1/2 a generation 45% of Chinese are less active.

This is something that needs attention.

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