Bummed out.



OK, I am admitting it. I am personally in a training funk. Dealing with injuries, surgery and recovery has taken a toll on me mentally. I am more moody, a little more angry than I should be and definitely spending way too much time on Facebook! The problem is, I know I can do more, train harder, train more frequently with greater variation… but here is the kicker. My body is not letting me. I can see a visible difference in my tone (particularly in my arms) from lack of upper body weights. Quite frankly it’s pissing me off.

I am doing as I am told by my Physio, doing isolation exercises and stretches. I am far better than what I was 12 months ago let alone 6 months ago. I know that this is a long process and that by being sensible in my training it will allow me to get back into training at full force at some stage…… but when? This is completely my fault, when my surgeon said it will be a quicker recovery I assumed less than 6 months.. foolish of me yes. I am impatient, I want to get going, staying still is not my forte.

I was walking with a client the other day and she asked me how my shoulder was.  I told her I was getting there but could not help but feel slightly envious of people on TV when I see them effortlessly lift their arms above their head. This made my client laugh. Her response was spot on. In the scheme of things, I am blessed, incredibly blessed. I have my family, my health and the most amazing group of friends. By writing my little rant down it is getting me to see that I need to put this into perspective. There will come a day when I can be the me I want to be… I just need a little more patience. 😀

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