Monthly Archives: January 2013

Stay focused, conquer your body!



Having the body you want, does not coming from dreaming. It comes from action. It requires getting off the couch, it requires eating nutritious food, it requires sacrifice and really hard work. Once you’ve controlled your demons, you will be successful. Maintaing your body will be easier than you think. Exercise and eating right will be part of everyday life. Stick to your new years resolutions, make it a lifestyle change. Make it work. It will be worth it.

Just keep moving!



When my kids were young, one of their all time favourite movies was Finding Nemo. Like all those Disney Pixar movies, they have great life lessons. Marlin is down, he’s depressed and Dory sings “just keep swimming.” Never give up, just keep on going, you’ll eventually get there.


The only one who can change your life is you. The only one who can reach your goal is you. With out doubt you need support. You need people who have your best interest at heart. I’ve said it before, I will say again. Cut loose those around you who sabotage your goals, your dreams. People who love you, want you to succeed.

What ever your goal, your dream, your aspirations….. Keep moving, keep working towards what you are wanting out of your life. Remember, you only get one life. Look after your body, mind and spirit.