Childhood Obesity


We are off to Adelaide to spend Christmas with my family and my Nanna who is 98 and still going strong. My Nan has battled bowl cancer, knee surgery, various other ailments in the past few years. We often talk about how strong her constitution is and that we won’t be surprised if she makes it too 100. The other day my son was telling his best mate that his great Nanna is as “Strong as an ox, she lifts weights you know, she can lift 50kgs!” I had to giggle. Imagining my Nan hitting the gym pushing out the weights.


82yo – 70kg dead lift  (not a relative of mine)

I should clarify that the weight lifting Grandma my son was talking about  is my mum, Nanna’s daughter. I like the idea that my son is impressed by healthy strong bodies. That being fit and healthy is normal, something to be admired…. even in a 98 yo woman!

There are so many obese children in Australia – approximately 25% of kids are overweight and 10-15% are obese. This is alarming to say the least. Children learn from their parents. If your kids do not see you eat right and exercise… how will they learn?

I feel for these kids. The health issues they have from a very young age are crazy. Young kids are presenting with type II diabetes, heart disease, fatty livers just to mention a few. These are not typically not seen until much later in life. These children’s life expectancy has plummeted. Not only are their lives shortened, the cost on our health care will skyrocket. The system will not cope.


From time to time there are reports on TV about several fast food chains and how they are making our kids fat…… this is short sited and a cop out. We are the parents, the adults… WE CAN SAY NO! Yes granted there will be tears from our kids, there may even be  “I hate you” or  “It’s not fair”. This is short lived. You only have to say NO possibly three for four times and they wont ask again. My kids when taken to fast food chains for birthday parties often come home and say they feel sick. I don’ begrudge them eating it, they need to learn how it makes them feel, I just won’t take them there!

Junk food is so high in sugar that the body burns it quickly, then these young growing bodies are craving food and the sugar hit not longer after they have eaten. These kids bodies are developing on all the wrong foods with very little nutritious benefit. It is no wonder they have so many health issues.

I am hoping that when they are adolescents , that they will naturally stay away from bad food choices. I am realistic, I know they will go there with their friends on occasions, I do think however it won’t become a daily habit. I hope that I am teaching my children occasional foods are OK in moderation. I hope that, they know healthy foods are delicious and fulfilling.

We need to teach them by example. What I am trying to say is that you look after yourself, you eat right and exercise. The health benefits not only are for you, they are also for your kids. Its a ripple effect. 🙂


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