CourageSometimes the thought of change is too frightening. Sometimes it is enough to halt you mid step. Change can be scary, on the other hand change will alter your life. If they way you are living your life now is not working for you, then you need to make a change.

Going about your life as you have done, will not make any difference. The only one who can get you there is  you. The only one you have to compete with in life is you. Your loved ones care and cherish you, but they can only support you. Cheer you on the side lines and maybe pick you up if you fall. You are the only one who can start the change, and can keep that change going.

Don’t fill your head with self-doubt, you are stronger and better than you think you are. You deserve a healthier happier you. Don’t let fear take hold and stop you from what you want to be.

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