Now tis the silly season…… how do you stay on track?


For us here in the southern hemisphere Christmas is summer time. It makes me think of going to the beach, BBQ’s and socialising in the glorious sunshine with friends. Problem is, we do tend to over indulge. Not only in our foods but alcohol as well. I get it (believe me I do). It’s been a tough year, its gone by way too fast and each year seems to slip by faster than the last! Goals may not have been achieved fully and it may get you down.


So, over this silly season….. how do you have fun, relax and keep your goals? It is tough, it’s hard to be that person not drinking at the party. Abstaining from all the amazing food that has been placed on the table. Feeling anger and resentment towards all those around you who are enjoying themselves!  What’s the solution?

Make your food choices wisely. Do give yourself the OK to have some of the “bad foods” but set a limit for yourself and stick to it. Choose the carrot sticks/celery sticks over the bread sticks or crackers. Stay away from the potato salad, bread rolls. Choose the garden salad instead. Have the turkey instead of the ham and if your lucky some salmon and maybe one or two prawns 😉

We all tend to get to the end of the day and have eaten WAY too much. It’s almost like we think we are never going to see food again. We pile the food up, go back for seconds or even thirds! The thing is, you’ve been so good. You have limited your portions and you’ve seen the results. Why eat so much that you feel that you might throw up? There will be SO many left overs that you’ll be making turkey salad till you can not stomach turkey again till Christmas next year!


Now alcohol…. If you do drink don’t deny yourself, you’ll only resent others around you. Again set yourself a quota, You might have a glass when everyone has arrived and then one at lunch. Drink water in between each glass, handy tip, drink water out of the wine glass. Add flavour to the water, squeeze a fresh lemon or lime throw in a bit of fresh mint into the jug. Keep it on the table, not only will you find you’ll drink more water, so will your family/friends. Making it accessible and appealing will make people want to drink it.


If you are travelling to family or friends… opt to drive. The thought of loosing your licence may be the incentive to help you drink less. Stay away from the sugary fizzy drinks. Research suggest that one can of fizzy drink (250 calories) takes 40-50 mins to burn off in a run. Why add that to your calorie intake? Lemon or lime juice in cold water is delicious and calorie free!

At the end of the day, you might just be the only one who’s not feeling ill from over indulging. You’ve caught up with family and friends, feeling happy and relaxed. Ready for another day. Planning your walk in the morning, getting ready for a new year! xxImage

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