Having positive people around you – makes all the difference.


Getting started is the hardest thing I often hear from friends when they are wanting to get fit or loose weight. They are right, it’s also the fear, the fear of failing. The fear of the all that hard work won’t pay off. Excuses are made of why you can not get to the gym, why you can’t eat the right amount and types of food.

“I’m too busy…. The traffic was terrible…. I was too tired….. I didn’t have time to prepare the food so I had to buy take away….” You get the drift.

So, how can you get the motivation to do what your body will thank you for later?

Get the right people around you, get a PT. Many PT’s will be happy to share a session with a couple of people. They may charge a little more but should still be less than a one on one session. If the PT’s worth their weight they will want you to get the results, and for you to show. If it means splitting the session even if for a little while they should be happy to oblige. Alternatively, talk to the PT and organise a group session. Get your friends together, the more you have the cheaper it will be. Not only will you have more fun, you will motivate each other.

Get to know other clients in the gym who have the same goals as you. Arrange that you meet each other at the gym at the same time for a work out or a class. Message each other “NO EXCUSES”. If you don’t have a PT, the other client will help you keep accountable. If someone is expecting you, the less likely you are to pike out.

Now here is the tough part….. friends who sabotage your goals. Trust me, they are out there. Why would anyone do this is beyond me. Anyone who is a true friend will be standing on the side line cheering you on or even better joining it to support you. People who do not support you – you need to limit your encounters with them. If you have the courage, tell them – that you need their support and encouragement. You need them to be behind you 100%. If they don’t understand – then they are not a friend.

Surrounding yourself with a positive network of friends, colleagues and trainers who are there for you. Your goal will be more achievable. To have people who have your back, pushing you along when your tired and fed up, who won’t let you quit is incredibly important. Never underestimate positive reinforcement!  😀

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  1. Just about none of my friends are into exercise/keeping fit so that’s why I mostly end up going into the hills alone. At least that way, I can go my own pace and not have to consult anyone about route 😉

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