Exercise to Burn Fat


Ok, so your’ve got your food planned, your limiting your sugars and refined carbohydrates (white foods, high in sugar, overly processed). You’ve got your whole foods. Complex carbohydrates (veggies,fruit, brown rice etc) You’re on your way to loosing weight.. so now what?

The body will not burn this fat until the body’s carbohydrates and glycogen stores have been used first… then it will move onto the fat stores. So if you have a diet high in sugar, you just will not move that weight, no matter how hard you work at the gym.

Exercise for fat burning needs to be moderate or high intensity and involve both weights and cardio (anaerobic and aerobic) exercise. For maximum fat burning results you should aim for 60-70% of your Maximum HR. So to work out how intense you are working out a simple equation is Maximum HR = 220 – minus age in years. For example Marie is 27 years her max HR at 100% is 193bpm. So 60-70% of this is 115-135bpm. Marie would need to maintain this intensity for 45 mins to to use up her carbohydrates and glycogen stores. Once these stores are used the body then moves to the fat stores. In this stage, it is recommended that you decrease your intensity to 45-55% of your max HR. So Marie would get her HR down to 87-106bpm. This should be maintained for the next 15-20 mins. At this lower HR range, this could be as simple as walking home from the gym. The body is so ridiculously clever that it recognises that the body does not need those fast fuels any more and moves onto the fat.
Do that 3 x per week and you’re off to a flying start!!

As long as you do not eat or consume any form of carbohydrates in the next hour, your body will continue to use those fat stores.

It is important that you do eat about 30 mins to 2 hours after exercise….. tough I know. If you just can not wait, be sensible about your choice. So protein snack or shake is ideal. Having a muffin after a great work out to reward yourself is just undoing all that great work!

I also shared this article with a great site http://www.dailygloss.com

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