DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness :(


Yes, we definitely have all felt it, to those who have just started exercising it can be enough to turn someone off. That old adage, no pain, no gain it what they were talking about.

So what is DOMS? Very simply put its when your’ve exerted your muscles more that you usually would. It is part of the adaptation process which leads to greater strength and stamina as the muscles re-builds in recovery. When you exert your muscles, the muscles get tiny microscopic tears in the fibres. The level of pain depends on how hard you worked, in time and power. The pain is generally worse on the second day.

So, what is the best way to stop or reduce DOMS?

1) Don’t use as an excuse to stop moving or exercising. The benefits of exercise far out way a fews days of discomfort.

2) Warm up before exercise, do not go into any for of exercise cold. Stretch after exercise. Hold each major muscle group for 20 sec each.

3) Keep hydrated!

4) Foam roller, roll the affected muscle out, you’ll feel the spots, I promise! Roll each area about 10 x ‘s.

4) Keep moving!! The absolute worse thing you can do is stop. You stop, those muscles are stationary will make it all the more painful when you get going again. Active recovery is one of the best things you can do. Even go for a  walk for 15-20 mins… also, gets that HR up, burning energy. Once you’ve got your muscles warm, gentle stretching.

5) Massage…. who could so no to that?

6) Ice bath, many elite athletes use this… no something I’m going to try… I can not swim in a cold ocean let alone get in an ice bath… but if you can cope, knock your socks off!

7) NSAID’s – if you can take them, and they are not contraindicated to your health or any medications you are on, they can also help with DOMS

8) Yoga.

9) Be guided by your body. Be sensible, look after yourself. If rest is what your body needs, then rest – but be honest with yourself. Can you do the exercise or are you choosing not to?

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