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Summers Coming!




Summer is almost here… that dread of having to go to the beach and wear shorts!!

So what are you going to do about it? Sitting in front of your computer, watching the TV  on the couch is not going to get you the confidence to loose those couple of kilo’s. Above is another great shot for you to print out and stick on the fridge.

Tips to accompany this shot:

1) Make healthy choices – Pack snacks to go with you and you’ll be less likely to be tempted to buy some high calorie snack.

2) Think more positively about yourself, give yourself positive affirmations. Feeling confident about yourself makes an amazing difference to how you look. Hold your head high, shoulders back, smile on your face. People will tell you, you look fabulous. Sticking to your healthy eating will be so much easier!

3) Don’t think of it as DIETING! Think of it as healthy living. The word diet puts everyone off. Give yourself one day a week as a cheat day. Don’t go crazy!! Put your smaller portioned meals on a smaller dinner plates. It will trick your mind into thinking you’re eating the same amount.

4) Stop making excuses. There is no magic pill, no one else can do this for you except you. YES it will be hard, but when you get there it will be so rewarding!

5) Make your goals realistic. If you set unattainable goals you will give up. Make them simple and achievable you will get there!



Protein is NOT the bodies preferred energy source, but it is vital for homeostasis of the bodies function. Protein is essential for growth, maintenance, hormone production, digestion, immunity, fluid and electrolyte balance, pH balance, transportation of minerals, o2, fats and vitamins. Energy and that feeling of being full.

However, we seem to be – according to a National Survey in 1995…. (seriously, could not find any references that were closer than 17 years). Consuming way too much Protein. On average we are consuming more than 60% of our RDI. So maybe your thinking “Protein, yeah no problem. Builds muscles, great fuel.. sweet!”  Well, you’d be wrong. Sustained high protein diet, accumulated with the fact that majority of Australians are eating high volumed fat sources of protein can lead to numerous health problems.

Some of the most major health issues are:

1) Kidney’s not such a huge fan of high loads of protein. Protein is synthesised by the liver. The liver then breaks it down the amino acids into waste. The waste then gets converted into urea, excreted by the kidneys. The kidneys, become overworked and this causes issues. These can range from kidney stones (not fun to pass, or have surgically removed) to Chronic Kidney Failure. No cure for that, either years of Dialysis and maybe, if you’re fortunate a transplant.

2) Osteoporosis… weird I know. So the body being tricky as it is, decides that it will excrete calcium when overloaded with protein. At least 1% of bone density lost every year.

3) IT’S A TUMOR (Sorry, can’t think of tumours without thinking of Arnie). So high protein, particularly the high fatty protein we seem to eat has been linked to increases in breast and colorectal cancers…. so if you want to poop in a bag for the rest of your life. Keep it up!

So how much Protein should we be eating?

The rule of thumb is 0.75g of Protein per KG of body weight. For example a 60kg female would need 45g/day and a man at 72kgs would be 54g/day.

The Australian Guide to Healthy living (1998) recommend that we eat 1-1 1/2 serves of protein each meal.

Some examples of ONE serve would be:

65 – 100g of cooked lean chicken or meat

80- 120g of cooked fish

1/2 cup of dried beans/lentils/chick peas/split peas or canned beans

2 small eggs

small handful of peanuts or almonds

1/2 cup of sesame or sunflower seeds.

From your dairy shelves

1 cup of milk

1 cup fo soy milk

2 slices of cheese

200g yogurt

So, the body does need protein, and it needs it from a variety of sources. Not just a whopping great big steak. Proteins when broken down in digestion have different amino acids that all have their role in the homeostasis of our bodies.

So you need good mixes of protein. Protein complementation is an excellent way of getting all your amino acids. Combining different sources of protein in different meals is what that means. So having grains, cereals, legumes, soy, milk, eggs, lean meats, poultry and fish in your daily intake is how you achieve this.

Cadence Health – Certificate in Diet and Nutrition

Training – Becoming who you want to be.


Change comes from pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

I often get told, you’re so fit, how do you do it? Answer – I work really hard! Not only with my training but what I eat also.

There seems to be this misconception that being fit, being strong comes overnight, or from some magic pill. It doesn’t. I’m not sure if its because some tacky celebrity says when interviewed “No I don’t diet, I eat what ever I like and I go to yoga once a week”….. Hmmmm RUBBISH! Anyone who regularly exercises will tell you it takes dedication. That to see results, you have to work hard.

Do I have my off days? You bet. Just have to ask my PT….. he’ll say an emphatic yes! I have days where I want to cry, when I want to throw in the towel, due to my PT ramping it up. Does he let me quit… never! I am glad he doesn’t, I would be so disappointed in myself if I gave up. The pain of quitting would be far greater than the brief moments of pain in the gym.

I’ve posted a quote previously from Nike, it is perfect and its worth repeating. It’s worth printing off and putting on your fridge.

“You don’t get it by staring, you don’t get it by wishing, you don’t get it by drooling, you don’t get it by hoping, you don’t get it easy.”

“You get it by getting off your arse, working for it every second of every day for the rest of your life”

I tell my clients and my kids, you only get one body, you spend the majority of your life as an older adult. Why would you not do everything to look after it?